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Color Wow Color Security Shampoo 250ml

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo 250ml
Color Wow Color Security Shampoo 250ml
180 kr.
Vejledende pris: 229 kr.
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Your color-treated hair will never look its freshest if your shampoo contains:
Sulfates – why, because they are harsh, will open the hair and color will escape
Silicones – why, because they create a film on the hair and won’t rinse off during cleansing
Thickening Ingredients – same thing, creates a film that dulls and weighs down hair
Conditioning Agents – these not only weigh hair down but can oxidize and cause brassiness
Pearlizing Ingredients - makes the liquid shampoo look pretty but leaves hair dull

COLOR WOW has removed all of these ingredients.
A first in the industry! Color-treated hair looks vibrant and ultra-glam.

We don’t blame you. Thinning in men and women has become an epidemic. Seems the problem coincides with all the unnecessary ingredients: silicones, conditioning agents, thickening and pearlizing agents – that have been added to shampoos. So Color Wow has taken them out. This shampoo thoroughly cleans your hair but leaves nothing behind to build up, block follicles and impede new hair growth.

We get it. Extensions are a big investment so you want to keep them as long as possible. The right shampoo is the key. Just about every shampoo on the market today contains conditioning agents and silicones that will actually loosen the glue. Not Color Wow – we’ve take out the extension-loosening dangers. And, it’s paraben free too.

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