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Hitman 2

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Xbox One

111 kr.
Vejledende pris: 179 kr.
Fragt fra 29 kr.
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  • Action, Adventure
  • Xbox One

"Hitman 2
Travel the globe and track your targets
across exotic sandbox locations in HITMAN™.
From sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous
rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world’s most
deadly assassin, Agent 47.
Prepare to experience the ultimate spy thriller story -
your mission is to eliminate the elusive Shadow Client
and unravel his militia, but upon learning your target’s
true identity and the truth about 47’s past, nothing will
ever be the same."

"The World is Your Weapon
Only in HITMAN™ can you use
everything in your environment to
help plan and execute the perfect
assassination – use stealth, sabotage,
and everything in-between to turn your
creativity into a deadly weapon."

"A World of Assassination
HITMAN™ not only includes a brand
new campaign, but also new missions,
the high-stakes Elusive Targets, and
more free live content that gives you
new ways to test your killer creativity."

"The Best HITMAN™ experience to date
HITMAN™ streamlines the assassination
experience – including all the previous
game’s improvement, HI TMAN™ 2 adds
enhanced player progression and several
augmentations to the HUD/UI to help
make you an even deadlier assassin."

"New Ways to Hit
Introducing new modes and new
ways to play HITMAN™ with your
friends – play co-op with a friend
in Sniper Assassin or compete for
the highest score in the 16-player
synchronous Assassination Race."

Xbox One


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