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Solbeskyttelsee - lotion La Mer Spf 50 (50 ml) (Unisex) (50 ml)

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Solbeskyttelsee - lotion La Mer Spf 50 (50 ml) (Unisex) (50 ml)

(52 anmeldelser)
928,12 kr.
Vil du vise en flot solbrun hud frem, samtidig med at du passer på din hud? Så er  Solbeskyttelsee - lotion La Mer Spf 50 (50 ml)  lige, hvad du mangler! Nu kan du nyde  La Mer solcreme  og andre selvbrunere eller sololier fra  100 % originale b
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Vil du vise en flot solbrun hud frem, samtidig med at du passer på din hud? Så er Solbeskyttelsee - lotion La Mer Spf 50 (50 ml) lige, hvad du mangler! Nu kan du nyde La Mer solcreme og andre selvbrunere eller sololier fra 100 % originale brands.

  • Kapacitet: 50 ml
  • Spf: 50
  • Type: Solbeskyttelsee - lotion


EAN 0747930044611


for 13 dage siden

Not enough moisture for my very dry skin. It feels like it pulls my skin because it is so dry after like an hour later I put on.



for en måned siden

This sunscreen caused my face to break out in rashes and acne, and in no way protected me from the sun. I ended up with burns and splotches that stuck around for days. it took me weeks to heal my skin after I discovered what was causing the problem. I should've paid attention to the other reviews, but at the same time, that's what we're paying for - a product we can trust to be good for our skin. I'll be going back to my $7 drugstore mineral sunscreen. I'd rather have a white cast than chemical burns any day of the week.



for 5 måneder siden

I had a very strong allergic reaction to this product and it took me w while to find out that it was the oxybenzone that caused it. After using it, my skin became very sensitive and within 2 days an itchy, red rash covered my whole face. I am quite positive it was this particuar product that caused it because I healed my face and after a month came back to this sunscreen and the problems came back right after the first usage. I don't recommend the sunscreen to anyone, even to those who normally don't have allergic reactions. I am really disappointed, because the product is very expensive and you expect the highest quality ingredients from a brand like la mer. I was also very excited about testing this particular sunscreen and actually bought two of them after having red fantastic reviews.



for 8 måneder siden

This sunscreen reacted to my skin leaving me with a red rash and swollen eye. I normally use the moisturiser which is great but was surprised when I reacted to the sunscreen :(



for 11 måneder siden

Not worth the money as this lotion uses " Avobenzone 3.00% , Homosalate 5.00% , Octisalate 5.00% , Octocrylene 2.70% , Oxybenzone 3.00%," ingrediends deemed unhealthy for humans. EWG states: " This constant exposure to sunscreen chemicals raises concerns, especially because there is not enough safety data for most ingredients. We have even more concerns about ingredients such as oxybenzone, which have been linked to hormone disruption by numerous studies." Active ingredient toxicity Time for LA MER to reconsider its ingredients.