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Batiste Brilliant Blonde Dry Shampoo 200ml

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Batiste Brilliant Blonde Dry Shampoo 200ml

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53 kr.
Batiste Brilliant Blonde Dry Shampoo 200ml
Batiste Brilliant Blonde Dry Shampoo 200ml


EAN 5010724527467


for 2 måneder siden

Used every day for years. My recent order had a new bottle design for the blonde formula. Smell was awful to me. Product was irritating to scalp and didn't perform well. Will be returning all 4 bottles. So disappointing.



for 4 måneder siden

They reformulated the blonde dry shampoo and the new version sucks! First of all, it doesn't work and basically just sticks to the scalp. Second, the smell is so gross! If they don't bring the original formula back I won't be buying their products ever again!



for 4 måneder siden

The new formula is way less effective than the original and the new scent is offensive. The new formula does not provide the same coverage as the original and it clumps in the hair. The original scent was light, but the new scent is strong, overpowering and smells like a very cheap perfume. I was a long time purchaser of the original formula, but I will be returning this and finding an alternative.



for 4 måneder siden

This blonde leaves a white residue, where is the original blonde that covers up my roots and makes me blonde again? You changed the formulation, bring the old one back!



for 5 måneder siden

Just got a new hint of blonde dry shampoo and it is very different from the previous one! Firstly, the blonde isn’t as nice, the smell is way too strong a perfume, and you reduced the size from 6.73 to 4.23 oz!! If this is the new version, I’m not going to buy it. So disappointed because I loved your product.