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LEGO 42078 Mack Anthem

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LEGO 42078 Mack Anthem

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4.509 kr.
LEGO 42078 Mack Anthem


EAN 5702016116939
Producentens artikelnummer S_42078-1_N_S_0


for 5 måneder siden

Average LEGO technic model. It took me a while to complete due to lost interest and focus. I found the build pretty repetitive, however the final model does have some neat feats and moveable parts. For the LEGO vehicle fan only.



for 4 år siden

Utroligt mange sjove og flotte detaljer. Følte mig underholdt under hele byggeriget.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 3 år siden

Another enjoyable build. Lots of detail in the Prime Mover plus the nice little touch with the Mack emblem. The trailers cranes are masterpieces of design that mimic the real cranes used to raise/lower the shipping containesrs. The overall size of the finished model makes it really stand out in my display.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 3 år siden

This was my first lego project and I'm in lego heaven! I'm 9 (it doesn't let you enter 9 in the space above) years old and Father Christmas gave it to me. I got stuck 2 times and had to go back to fix the problem but it was ok. I just wish it didn't finish so quickly! I love my truck and can't wait for my next project!!!

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 3 år siden

An ok product, but if you want to play with it in either forms, It really is very limited

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt