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Tryg ehandel siden 1999

LEGO 80014 Sandys speedbåd

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LEGO 80014 Sandys speedbåd

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701 kr.
LEGO 80014 Sandys speedbåd
LEGO 80014 Sandys speedbåd


for et år siden

TLDR: The boat has some unique building techniques, but its skimpy nature and lack of play features make it pale in comparison with any other Season 1 Monkie Kid set. For Build: There are surprising few pieces in this set, and it becomes apparent as the build progresses and not much substance is added to the boat. The variety of builds is appreciated, but it can't make up for the barren boat itself. In Play: The spider web and hoverboard included help flesh out the set and make it possible to stage entire scenarios with just this one set, but with the only feature being a stud shooter, a lot is left to be desired. On Display: The azure, white, and orange of the boat sure are nice together, however since they are implemented on a lackluster build, they aren't given a chance to shine. Mo, Sandy, and the Spider Queen are all great figures to have on display, but they are the only real redeeming quality of the set.



for et år siden

The fresh colors are great, and the mini, big and animal figs are all good additions that ultimately recommend the set. The build is simple, which is to be expected for a big fig oriented set.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt