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LEGO 75313 AT-AT

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LEGO 75313 AT-AT

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8.050 kr.
LEGO 75313 AT-AT


EAN 5702016913866
Producentens artikelnummer S_75313-1_N_S_0


for 5 måneder siden

The LEGO AT-AT Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) is a stellar LEGO building experience! Admittedly, the AT-AT is my personal #1 favorite (Mechanical) character from the Star Wars universe, but this set will satisfy any Star Wars and LEGO fan! An impressive design job executed by the LEGO project team responsible for this model; proportions are believable, and the level of detail is very high. The final model stands gorgeous at display! This LEGO set is one of the most expensive available in the current LEGO collection, bear in mind the box contains more than 6.700 pieces. NOTE: Final model is to be handled with extra care. The build is quite fragile, due to its sheer size and mass!

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for 6 måneder siden

Endelig kom der en voksen AT-AT. Nem at bygge og står perfekt til millennium falken og star destroyeren. Kan klart anbefales.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 2 måneder siden

An impressive design with a fun build experience. The body is very strong however the legs tend to crumble when picked up, not many other complaints apart from that the underbelly will detach with the slightest bump. The legs are a bit annoying to pose however if you get it right it looks very cool. Definitely not to be played with much and is more of a display model.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 7 måneder siden

Had heaps of fun building this slowly over a couple weeks and is definitely really worth it if you like the AT-AT or the empire theme in general. Wouldnt recomend it if you dont like AT-ATs or are more of a fan of clones as it is very expensive. Makes a good display piece.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 7 måneder siden

Wish some of the build such as the body panels could have been secured to the frame a little better but overall a fantastic build

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt