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Trygt ehandel siden 1999

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Forbidden Siren - Playstation 2 (brugt)

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Forbidden Siren - Playstation 2 (brugt)

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Brugt Playstation 2 game

Complete with box and instructions

Forbidden Siren is an innovative, hair-raising horror game that takes you to the most terrifying places. You are not alone in the dark ??

Forbidden Siren is the game that god forgot, the inspiration is taken from Japanese horror movies and something scarier is hard to find. When the rivers in the small Japanese village begin to turn red and the people begin to act strangely, one quickly understands that something is wrong. It is your job to find out what happened. One tip do not play the game with the light off, this is not for people with a weak heart. ? Silent Hill, throw yourself into the wall? ? Christina Rask, Kontroll, SVT.

Hanyuda, the once peaceful village in the Japanese countryside, has suddenly turned into a nest of evil, an inevitable nightmare in a sea of ​​blood. All but ten of the villages residents have met an awful fate. Now it is the task of the survivors to solve the mystery behind the citys transformation so that they do not end up in the same way as the others.

But the others are not really dead.

Friends and neighbors have turned into disgusting, disgusting creatures known as Shibito - and their common goal is to ensure that those who are still alive face death in the most horrific way.
The story in Forbidden Siren consists of 78 parts and takes place over three days. The game not only switches between the different characters but it also oscillates back and forth in time, all to make it easier for you to understand how everything is connected. For example, you may encounter characters that you already know are dead and vice versa. With a gameplay that is as innovative as the plot, the allure of Forbidden Siren is completely impossible to resist.

With the unique eye-catching ability you can see through the eyes of the disgusting Shibitos
Play as ten different survivors who have all been recreated after real actors
With the non-linear action, you can see the same events from different perspectives
Hair-raising atmosphere that makes you think of Asian horror movies like The Ring and The Eye


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