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Bionic Commando - Playstation 3 (brugt)

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Bionic Commando - Playstation 3 (brugt)

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Brugt Playstation 3 game

Complete with box and instructions

Five years after his heroic victory over the Imperialists, he has been betrayed, imprisoned and sentenced to death during a conspiracy. On the very day of Spencers execution, terrorists blow up an experimental weapon in Ascension City, which triggers an earthquake that turns the city into a heap of ruins and annihilates its population.

With a city controlled by terrorists whose goals are unclear, the FSA has no choice but to rely on a Bionic Commando.

Bionic Commando transfers the beloved swing-and-shoot action from the original game to a stunning 3D environment of towering buildings, disused railways and monorails, deep ravines and bare cliffs that you climb by swinging, crawling and walking on the walls.

Bionic Commando features a full multiplayer mode that features wire mechanics so you can swing from platform to platform while chasing your opponents. Players will need to use their abilities built into single player to show the true powers of a Bionic Commando as the game includes group formations and in-depth statistical registration.

Use the bionic arm to swing at high speeds between tall skyscrapers, grab distant objects, glide up on hanging wires and choose your own path through the game
The gameplay moves horizontally and vertically through the surroundings - a 3D game that truly uses all three dimensions
Fully multiplayer mode with rich statistics measurement options to check if you are a true commander or a dull private

Codes for DLC and online play might be used.


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