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Selhagi Poster

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Vægplakat af billedskaberen Bragi Ingibergsson - Brin, der beskriver værket; CONTEXT Abandoned houses, cars and other old things are very high on my subject list when I go out to photograph. I also like to photograph the northern lights (Aurora Borea
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Vægplakat af billedskaberen Bragi Ingibergsson - Brin, der beskriver værket; CONTEXT Abandoned houses, cars and other old things are very high on my subject list when I go out to photograph. I also like to photograph the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) but they aren't necessarily the easiest subject because they don't appear every night, when they do, not necessarily in the most interesting places. I wanted to photograph an interesting and pictorial abandoned house with the aurora lights in the background but hadn't been very successful so far. I didn't know about this old abandoned house named Selhagi, although I had been travelling and photographing in the area many times for many years. It is a bit isolated and I found it by coincidence one afternoon in October when I was scouting for subjects. I took some photos in the twilight, the light conditions were okay but not more than that and I thought it would be great if the northern lights would show up in the evening - but unfortunately they didn't. On my way home I remembered about a photo I took a month earlier also by coincidence. I was driving home one evening and suddenly the sky lit up with dancing lights and I jumped out and got one or two shots of a beautiful aurora but without any useful foreground. I decided to make an attempt to combine these two photos together - although I don't usually practice that kind of digital edit nor is it my style. THE PICTURE This image is a composite of two separate photos. They were taken at different times but with the same equipment. I used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM II lens. The Settings for the photo with the house and foreground: Focal length: 16mm, aperture: f/10, shutter speed: 1/80sec, ISO: 250. The settings for the photo with the northern lights: Focal length: 16mm, aperture: f/4.5, shutter speed: 32sec, ISO: 400. PROCESSING Obviously there was some work for me in the processing to combine these two photos together so it would be an image that would look real and work as a whole. I am not used to that kind of processing so I don't know if I used the best tools and can hardly describe the process but I was rather pleased with the outcome. Other than this manipulating work I did not have to do very much, along with some improvements in light and contrast I gave the foreground a bit of greenish lustre for the final touch. OUTCOME It was very clear in my mind that I would not display the resultant combined image if the outcome didn't reach my quality level and look real in the eye of the viewer. I grew up in the countryside and often saw the northern lights as a child - and as a background for old isolated houses they created an atmosphere that is very strong in my memories. I wanted this picture to highlight the contrast between the beautiful atmosphere of the past against the new and present dancing lights in the sky, I also like the combined effect of the sense of eternity and fleeting moments and stories. I think I got the result I was aiming for, at least in some way and in the light of views and opinions from many viewers, I think I have. HINTS This picture is only one of two published images of mine on 1x which I have produced by combining photos together. It is very important to me that viewers find it real and beautiful but also that they know that it is a composite of two photos. It should not be kept as a secret - that is my advice I give to all who are putting photos together like this. On the other hand I also encourage all serious photographers to try to capture their subjects on the spot, preferably in one shot or if necessary merge separate exposures together if contrast conditions dictate. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION In addition I want to point out the importance of the composition in this image. When I take photos I build them up in the frame out of lines - horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. In this photo the leading lines are obvious in the foreground, the old path which leads the eye into the picture right to the main subject. And I was kind of lucky that the lines in the foreground and the background, the aurora lights in the sky, fit well together - and make this image work well as a whole. BIOGRAPHY I am an amateur photographerwas born in Iceland 1961. Photography has been my favourite hobby for a very long time, ever since I got my first camera when I was 12 years old. I travel a lot which fits well with my love for nature and landscape photography. My photos have been published far and wide and have won prizes in many international photo contests. My homepage http://brin.1x.com. Dette plakat har stående orientering. En härlig bild i kategorin Natt. i farverne #336600,#663300,#669900 Alle vores Plakat er trykt på et 200 gram mat premium papir med en glat finish for en førsteklasses følelse.
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