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Tryg ehandel siden 1999

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag + Blå

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SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag + Blå

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SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag + Blå
SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag + Blå


for en måned siden

I've been using Tile since 2015 however I've always found it to be unreliable and inadequate. About 3 months ago I choose to change my Bluetooth tracking solution completely to Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ which I really wish I did sooner. This is an absolutely fantastic product with exceptional performance. I don't like how the standard GalaxyTag is actually louder than the SmartTag+, but it's not a massive issue. I only express 2 dissatisfactory concerns with this product: 1. The formfactor, I really wish Samsung sold this product in a smaller formfactor similar to the Apple AirTag or Tile Sticker. For this reason, I can't completely replace my Tile tracking solution as I need something in a small form factor to stick on to small personal devices like headphones. You can't really stick down the SmartTag or SmartTag+ to specific devices and therefore its only limited to being attached to keys and bags, I just about attached it to my wallet using a cable tie. 2. The second point I wish to express dissatisfaction on is the limitation to Galaxy devices. It's not a problem for me as I've been a consistent user of Galaxy devices for the past 10 years however my friends who use either iPhones or other Android devices are unable to benefit from this product but the same argument can be made with Apple on their AirTag product, which is to be expected to be honest. But I don't see why Samsung has done this, I believe this should be an open-source product compatible with any device, not just Samsung Galaxy devices. This actually makes me see Samsung in a somewhat negative light as it forces me to have a Galaxy device to be able use this product. I bought a Galaxy S22 Ultra upon launch however my dissatisfaction with Samsung's chipset strategy is growing and it's strongly making me consider competitor smartphones...... because why am I paying the same money in the UK to receive a vastly inferior device (Exynos vs Snapdragon). But ultimately leaving the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line of products (which I have been thinking about quite a lot recently) would render all my tags completely useless hence my dissatisfaction.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 4 måneder siden

The battery had less than 15%charge. Bought 4 of them one is sooo "lazy" I think ill send it back..



for 8 måneder siden

Very good device with all the features working, however the battery had been inserted without protective slip, which meant battery almost drained and effectively the device had already been operating a number of months since manufacture.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for et år siden

So having used tile for a while with very poor response on location tracking, I attached the Smartag+ to my little ones rucksac, and left him for the day to go to various locations in our rural town. I was gobsmacked to see it actually worked, and other peoples samsungs phones were helping to geolocate the tag as they walked past various locations. Seriously impressed, and the camera-direction finder seems to work well too ! Go get one of these ( make sure it's the plus version )

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt