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Nærende forfrisker Invati Aveda (150 ml)

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Nærende forfrisker Invati Aveda (150 ml)

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743 kr.
764 kr.
Vil du forbedre dit image og fremhæve din skønhed? Så vil  Nærende forfrisker Invati Aveda (150 ml)  hjælpe dig med at opnå dine mål! Nyd fordelene ved  Aveda produkter  og andet hårtilbehør  fra  100 % originale brands . Køn: Unisex Kapacitet:
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Vil du forbedre dit image og fremhæve din skønhed? Så vil Nærende forfrisker Invati Aveda (150 ml) hjælpe dig med at opnå dine mål! Nyd fordelene ved Aveda produkter og andet hårtilbehør fra 100 % originale brands.

  • Køn: Unisex
  • Kapacitet: 150 ml
  • Anbefalet brug: Velegnet til alle hårtyper
  • Påfør på vådt hår massage og skylle


EAN 0018084977347


for 14 dage siden

I didn't think this would work but I was willing to try anything to help my thinning hair. It has been amazing and I see such a difference. My hair has always been fine and as I age it had become very thin in the front - dull and dry. My hair has never looked healthier, shinier and fuller. I have also been using the invati shampoo and conditioner. It is expensive, but well worth me feeling better about my hair. I color my hair (am probably all gray) this has not affected my color at all.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 2 måneder siden

My hair is fine, straight and, as I get older, thinning. I tried this not really expecting results. But after using it for about a year, it definitely has made a difference, and I'm not losing as much hair. I will definitely keep using this!

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 2 måneder siden

I used to love Aveda's products. And I've used this for years. But, the odor/fragrance is just awful - as in too awful. And seems to smell even worse now than before. I never liked the scent, but this is now repellant. For those of us who will remember, it smells like 1960's hair spray like AquaNet or VO5. And who wants to smell like that?! Sadly, my last Invati purchase will be the final one for this product line. Aveda should really rethink their approach to the fragrances they use. Complaints abound for the Hand Relief as well, which I also use. Luckily the Foot Repair scent hasn't changed... And, my guess is, if I took the trouble to look, there'd be more complaints across most if not all product lines regarding smell. And, does it work? Well, kind of. It's good at lifting the hair at the root to give the appearance of more hair volume. But, hair loss cycles continued for me anyway, though perhaps with slightly less hair loss.



for 2 måneder siden

I went through, just out of curiosity and read the reviews. I do not know what these people are talking about in regards to the discoloration, the smell and the drying affect. After 10 years use of the scalp revitalizer, shampoo and conditioner in this particular line of Invati, I have had none of those issues, and it has really helped with my extremely thin hair, and as of the last four or five years my severe hair loss. My mother and grandmother both had a great deal of hair loss as they got older. So I was kind of expecting it and I started using this product 10 years ago. It does help, it is not completely stopping my hair loss, but it certainly makes a big difference. And I started using their volumizing and thickening tonics often as well. Usually when I am styling my hair. Since I'm retired, now, I don't style my hair all the time. But I do always use the scalp, revitalizer, shampoo and conditioner. I don't know where I would be without this product.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 3 måneder siden

So I bought this thinking it might speed up the results when using the shampoo and conditioner. Since my hair is fine and thinning the recommended 16 pumps seems like a lot of product. I talked to customer service and they assured me that it is light so I did the 16 pumps. After blowdrying my hair looked slick and it only accentuated the thinning hair more. Guess this product is going in the trash!