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Tryg ehandel siden 1999

Anti-hårtab behandling Specifique Kerastase
Anti-hårtab behandling Specifique Kerastase

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Anti-hårtab behandling Specifique Kerastase

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1.620 kr.
Vil du forbedre dit image og fremhæve din skønhed? Så vil  Anti-hårtab behandling Specifique Kerastase  hjælpe dig med at opnå dine mål! Nyd fordelene ved  Kerastase produkter  og andet hårtilbehør  fra  100 % originale brands . Kapacitet: 6 ml
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Vil du forbedre dit image og fremhæve din skønhed? Så vil Anti-hårtab behandling Specifique Kerastase hjælpe dig med at opnå dine mål! Nyd fordelene ved Kerastase produkter og andet hårtilbehør fra 100 % originale brands.

  • Kapacitet: 6 ml
  • Køn: Unisex
  • Type: Behandling


for 9 måneder siden

I had hair loss problem for a long time. Every time wash, comb and blow dry my hairs, lots of hair fell off. Sometime I’m worried of being bald one day. I tried this product last two 6wks. My hairs look healthier and less hair loss even I sometimes forgot to apply it. I still lost hairs but the amount is definitely less. This product will not help u completely stop losing hairs but it helps to reduce the amount.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for et år siden

After spending $230AUD I expected to be see some results. It’s now been 6 weeks and absolutely nothing. I’ve tried numerous different things in the past that haven’t work either, so it could just be my hair. So don’t let this review deter you. If you’re worried about your hair, give it a go! :)