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Tryg ehandel siden 1999

SAMSUNG Z Fold3 Läderfodral Ljusbrun
SAMSUNG Z Fold3 Läderfodral Ljusbrun
SAMSUNG Z Fold3 Läderfodral Ljusbrun

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SAMSUNG Z Fold3 Läderfodral Ljusbrun

(11 anmeldelser)
562 kr.
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Ljusbrunt skal i Q2 -läder


for 4 måneder siden

I was happy with case in the sense it protected the phone. The bad part is it faded within 1 month of purchase from Green to black on backside where cameras are located. I assume this is due to wireless charging heating up phone and discolouring case. Now today case on front side broke and not from a drop, just in pocket. Will not buy again. Very expensive and poor quality.



for 9 måneder siden

I just received this today. Looks and feels great. As the photos depict, it comes in two pieces. Unfortunately, the side for the main camera has not been made to scale. It is about 1mm too small, which means the camera is not aligned perfectly and there is about 1mm of the phone that sticks out of the case (near the hinge). The imperfect fit does not affect the function of the phone or camera. However, for those of us that like perfection when you are paying a premium, this does not hit the mark.



for 4 måneder siden

The case looks fantastic and aesthetically the quality is fantastic. However, mine, like many others on here, broke after a month. For the cost it is not valuexat all and I am not a heavy user, mine broke simply by being in pocket and the pressure on the front case area snapped both top and bottom. Samsung, take note, premium handset and accessory prices should be reflected in the quality and durability.


Cristi B

for 5 måneder siden

I really love the case, but I purchased 2.x cases and after 3.months the front case just snapped on the leather case, I shaped with the silicone case and happened exactly the same after 1.month. I have now.2 incomplete case can I can't find to purchased only the front frame / cover case. Shame



for 6 måneder siden

The other people who say this is not a durable case are clearly very heavy handed. The case is amazing and if you don't drop your phone on the floor you will be fine. Personally I am able to hold my phone without dropping it because i have full use of my hands. Ignore the other reviews!

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt