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Lego Harry Potter: Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter (76387)

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Lego Harry Potter: Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter (76387)

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for 6 måneder siden

Loved Fluffy and needed his to build the full castle

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for et år siden

Fluffy is great. The candle peices are could be different and there's no room for Harp. Overall had fun building it. Lol it was a challenge to find a place for him in Hogwarts. He's supposed to be on the 3 floor. The devil s snare peice is a bottom basement. So I place him beside the Great Hall. Also I don't have a troll.

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for et år siden

My 9 yr. old daughter bought this set with her Christmas money. She wanted a smaller set that looked like the castle, had the three main characters, was not hard to build and she could play with and understand the scene as she has only read the first two books. She did struggle a little bit with building Fluffy the three headed dog but did well other than that. I was a little disappointed in the end when she tried to play with it. Fluffy hardly fits in the room that is designed for him. her first comment was "I cant get fluffy in the room" and then when i helped her get the dog in she was upset because there was no room for the characters to go down the trapdoor. I was also a little disappointed that you kind of need another set if you want to have the kids drop into the trapdoor or the spire is all on its own. Over all she is still happy with it, we just wish it had a little more playability with it.



for et år siden

I'm really happy to see so many old moments revisited in this new line. It was very nostalgic to re-create iconic scenes from the first Harry Potter installment. I'll try to touch open my interpretation of the problems other people have had. 1. Stickers. I've read about struggles with sticker 5 inside of the big green cone piece, but it worked fine for me. Trick: start in the middle, then smooth out to the edges. 2. Also stickers: both stickers 4 and 5 are indicated as "5" on the instructions. Minor issue. 3. I've read complaints about how Harry, Ron, and Hermione are wearing robes instead of their sweaters from when they go down the trapdoor. However, when they first meet Fluffy in the movie, they are wearing robes. And yes, I know the harp indicates this set represents the later Fluffy Encounter, but I can trade out my minifigures from the Chess Set for that scene. 4. I was glad to build Fluffy, I like seeing how animals can be made from Lego pieces, even if the grey technic pieces show. 5. Colours! I'm glad to see the old colours of "brick yellow" and "sand green." It takes me back to the first ever wave. 6. There is a lot in this set that just reminds me of the book, more so than of the movie. I mean, just because the scene looks a certain way for the films does not mean every product has to match, and I'm glad to see some creativity to reflect fresh interpretations. (Why *not* have a tower with some odd potion bottles? I thought it was a cute touch.) 7. It's just a little weird that when you line up the side tower horizontally under the trapdoor, you are left with the extra tower roof. I wish there was maybe another room that it could cover. 8. The candles!! Step 40. The flames will not stay put!! They are too thick for the knobs to reach the hole in the inverted 1x1 circle piece. Sure, I can make them balance, but I expected the satisfying "click" of two pieces being firmly put together. All in all, a good representation of the first Harry Potter (book and movie), but not without flaws.

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for 7 måneder siden

Its a very good, fun set. It, in my opinion, does have a few empty areas that could have been better. Otherwise, great minifigures, great build experience. Good set

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt