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LEGO 60210 Luftpolitiets luftbase

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LEGO 60210 Luftpolitiets luftbase

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745 kr.
LEGO 60210 Luftpolitiets luftbase


for et år siden

The air base itself is quite poor. It's much smaller than the other police stations, with a prison which is so little that the crook can't even move well. Why did you make it so little, LEGO? The plane, however, is quite cool, apart from the parachute that doesn't work half of the time. My conclusion: bring the old LEGO police stations back, they were much bigger and much more realistic.



for 2 år siden

I thought this was so much fun! I would reccomend this to everyone.Thanks Lego for making this.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 2 år siden

At this price, there were other sets with 200+ more pieces, more structures, etc. So, the big novelty/selling point for this one was the parachute police officer. However, as the other reviewers already mentioned, the parachute guy is difficult to fit inside the airplane, does not always drop, and the parachute itself does not always open - even if you fold it carefully. By itself, the parachute is a great idea, and actually works - but dropping it from the confined space of the airplane is difficult. Overall, though, my son loves this, so this is just an adult's view of the matter.

Ja, jeg rekommenderer det her produkt



for 3 år siden

While this is a fun product because of the parachute, I'm not certain it's a $90 value. The guy with his parachute is a bit difficult to get into the plane and doesn't always drop from the plane. And as a child it is difficult for my son to get the plane high enough to give enough space for the parachute to open properly. Even tossing it up in the air, it doesn't open. The novelty wore off quickly. I did like the fact that the parachute "strings" were plastic - made them a lot less likely to get tangled.