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Panasonic Epilator ES-EL9A-S503

Panasonic Epilator ES-EL9A-S503
Panasonic Epilator ES-EL9A-S503
Panasonic Epilator ES-EL9A-S503
Panasonic Epilator ES-EL9A-S503
1159 kr.
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Overvåg prisen på produktet

30% wider head
Compared to conventional models, the 32.4 mm wide head covers an area that is 30% wider and removes more hair in one stroke, for quicker epilation.

Double discs for double efficiency with 60 tweezers
The Double Discs ensure that leftover hair is caught, as the second disc catches hair missed by the first disc. The tweezers that catch the hair now number 60 in total, an evolutionary leap in epilation, catching more hair in a single stroke.

90° Pivoting Head fits every curve
The head can be flexed through 90°, keeping it closer to the skin. The pivoting head fits smoothly to uneven contours of the body, keeping unplucked hair from remaining. It also lets you cover hard-to-reach places without straining.

Gentle epilation in the bath and shower
Wet & Dry Shower Epilation This water-resistant design allows you to use the device in the bath comfortably. Using the device in warm water softens the skin, so you can remove unwanted hairs easily. Foam Epilation Pour shower gel directly onto the head to make foam. Fine foam gathers around each unwanted hair so that you can remove it softly and gently from the root.

Sonic Scrub Brush for gentle exfoliation
The brush head exfoliates speedily through high-speed vibration of approx. 3,100 times per minute. With approx. 60,000 high-density bristles, it exfoliates efficiently, giving a smooth and soft finish. Using this brush regularly helps avoid ingrown hair, so it is recommended for use before hair epilation.

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