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Neato Botvac Connected D7

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Neato Botvac Connected D7

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Neato Botvac Connected D7 provides clean floorsSuitable for hard floors and carpetsThe Neato Botvac Connected D7 is particularly recommended for cleaning different types of hard floors, such as laminate, parquet, tiles and the like. The robot hoover
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Neato Botvac Connected D7 provides clean floors

Suitable for hard floors and carpets

The Neato Botvac Connected D7 is particularly recommended for cleaning different types of hard floors, such as laminate, parquet, tiles and the like. The robot hoover works equally efficiently on carpets.


Note: The robot vacuum cleaner cannot be operated on dark/black floors since these are detected as an abyss and not cleaned.

Drives over doorsteps of 1,9 cm

The robot hoover is capable of driving over doorsteps or carpets with a maximum height of 1,9 cm. This means the Botvac D7 gets from one room to another independently to clean one whole level of your home.

Thorough cleaning even in corners

The Botvac D7 also has the D-shape the Neato robot hoovers are famous for. This design enables a thorough cleaning in corners and close to walls. Furthermore, the robot vacuum is equipped with a small side brush to ensure that it really cleans until the edges.

Detects drops right in time

The robot detects drops, such as stairs, right in time to adjust its direction. This is why it doesn't drop down the stairs. We do recommend to use the No-Go Line as additional protection. 

A particularly smart and powerful robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum with SpinFlow power cleaning

Neato Botvac Connected D7 combines an enormously high suction power and an optimized cleaning brush with a large dust bin. An ultra-performance filter even captures fine particles as small as 0.3 microns, like mould and pet dander. This is what makes the Neato D7 a true blessing for allergy sufferers.

The robot hoover also removes cat and dog hair better than others. Because of this, we particularly recommend the Neato Botvac Connected D7 to pet owners.


Neato D7 keeps the orientation

The Botvac D7 uses a laser to scan and map its surrounding. Thus, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to clean the rooms methodically, quickly and thoroughly - even in the dark. A powerful battery ensures that up to 120 m² are cleaned in one cleaning cycle. After it has finished its work or when the battery is low, the Neato Botvac Connected D7 returns to the docking station to automatically recharge. After charging, it continues the cleaning at the point it was interrupted before.

In touch with the Neato D7 - always and everywhere

Controlling with a smartphone app

With the free Neato-app (for iOS and Android), you can control the robot hoover, set a timetable or monitor the cleaning process on a map - whenever you like and wherever are. Define No-Go Lines on your smartphone to build a virtual barrier that is respected from the Neato D7. Furthermore, it is now possible to save more than one cleaning map (MultipleFloorPlan) so that you can operate the robot vacuum in more than one level of your home.


A lot of smart control options

You cannot only control the robot hoover with your smartphone or tablet but also with your Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT or with the Facebook Messenger. For easy connection to modern routers, the Neato Botvac Connected D7 is equipped with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WIFI and therefore fits ideally in a smart home.

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