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iRobot Roomba 974 robot vacuum Bagless Gold

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iRobot Roomba 974 robot vacuum Bagless Gold

3507 kr.
Rek pris. 3653 kr.
Systematic cleaning of hard floor and carpetsEquipped with a first-class cleaning system that consists of two unique rubber brushes the robot hoover cleans your home reliably. Thanks to the specific iRobot floor rollers no hairs get caught. The rolle
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Systematic cleaning of hard floor and carpets

Equipped with a first-class cleaning system that consists of two unique rubber brushes the robot hoover cleans your home reliably. Thanks to the specific iRobot floor rollers no hairs get caught. The rollers of the iRobot Roomba 974 adapt to the floor surface, whether it is a carpet or hard floors.


iRobot 974 scores with high suction power and thoroughness

With its extra-strong suction power* the robot vacuum cleaner will remove all dust and stuck dirt reliably. The iRobot Roomba 974 is also suitable for animal lovers as also animal hair and scales are reliably picked up. With the special 27-degree angle brush corners and edges are thoroughly cleaned. 

*five times more suction power than the iRobot 600 series

Systematic cleaning of hard floor and carpets

Teamwork: 974 + m6

Now you can pair your Roomba® 974 series robot vacuum with the Braava jet® m6 robot mop. With Imprint™ Link Technology, set the Braava jet® m6 robot to automatically start mopping once the Roomba® 900 series robot is done vacuuming – for a deeper level of clean

Powerful cleaning

Powerful cleaning

A premium 3-Stage Cleaning System powered by an advanced vacuum motor that spins at 10,000 RPMs to deliver 5X the suction* for strong pick-up performance across carpets and hard floors.

*Compared to Roomba® 600 Series AeroVac™ System.

Control and schedule cleanings

Control and schedule cleanings

With the iRobot HOME App you can monitor cleaning activity, view cleaning history, and watch maintenance videos. Roomba 974 is also compatible with Alexa & Google Home. Simply ask your Home assistant to start, stop, or dock your Roomba.

App-Update "YORI" powered by iRobot Genius

The update of the iRobot HOME App (09/2020) is recommended for all Roomba & Braava household robots including app control. This update will give you more than a normal system update - you will also benefit from a valuable additional functionality that was not available in the iRobot app before. For example the robot hoover iRobot Roomba 974 will learn about your home and offers you a cleaning concept that is individually adapted to your home and needs. If you have pets, Roomba 974 will suggest you to intensify the cleaning process during the time of fur change.

iRobot HOME App

Intelligent cleaning thanks to new app features

No matter if you are on the road or for your pre-programmed cleaning - the app for iOS and Android offers you the possibility to optimise your personal cleaning routine. After this update, the iRobot app offers you new and extensive possibilities to personalise the Roomba 974 robot vacuum cleaner. For the individual cleaning recommendation, factors like living area, daily routine or specific cleaning preferences are taken into consideration. The iRobot App offers a very efficient and individual utilisation of the robot vacuum for every home. The preferred settings can be saved and quickly executed. In addition to the connection with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, the robot vacuum cleaner can be integrated into your smart home.

Great result with teamwork

Roomba 974 is the first model in 900 series which can be now connected to the robot mops  thanks to its Imprint® Link-Technology. Due to this, you have the possibility to vacuum first with your iRobot 974 and then Braava m6, the robot mop will start automatically with its mopping process.

Intelligent and smart cleaning

Intelligent and smart cleaning

Thanks to the vSLAM® technology the robot vacuum creates an exact plan of your living space. The robot hoover collects up to 230.400 data points per second and can therefore clean an entire floor. Besides the manual control via the CLEAN button, the Roomba 974 can control and programmed by using a smartphone app. The free iRobot HOME app is available for  and .


Following functions are available for the iRobot 974 within the app:

  • to start/stop the robot vacuum cleaner
  • time programming
  • monitoring of the cleaning process
  • receiving notifications
  • help with questions and errors of your iRobot Roomba 974

Follow-up model for Roomba 960

The iRobot Roomba 974 is the successor model of the iRobot Roomba 960 and delivers great improvements: As the first model of the 900 series, it can be thanks to the Imprint® Link-Technology connected to the . This allows the robot mops to start mopping automatically after the iRobot 974 has vacuumed.


Systematic cleaning

Roomba 974 systematically cleans the floor in lanes. This makes it particularly efficient and due to this, it is much faster with its work than previous models. If the battery should become low during cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner will return to its charging station automatically. After charging, the iRobot 974 continues cleaning on the point where it stopped.


Safe vacuuming in your home

The suction procedure should not be only thorough but also safe. Therefore, all models of iRobot are equipped with different sensors. Cliff detect sensors react early with a change of direction if the robot vacuum drives close to stairs or landings. It is important that the sensors of the iRobot Roomba 974 will be cleaned regularly from dirt and dust.

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