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4.437 kr.
Hvis du er vild med IT og elektronik og kan lide at være opdateret med teknologi uden at gå glip af noget, så køb USB Hub Startech USB3DOCKH2DP til en uovertruffen pris. Farve: Sort Materiale: Plastik Stiktype: Type N Forbindelser: H
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Hvis du er vild med IT og elektronikog kan lide at være opdateret med teknologi uden at gå glip af noget, så køb USB Hub Startech USB3DOCKH2DP til en uovertruffen pris.
  • Farve: Sort
  • Materiale: Plastik
  • Stiktype: Type N
  • Forbindelser:
    • HDMI x 1
    • DisplayPort x 2
    • USB x 1
    • Ethernet
    • RJ-45 x 1
    • Forstærket med ståltråd
    • Kombineret output til høretelefoner / mikrofon
    • USB A 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1) x 5
  • Konnektivitet: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Opløsning: 3840 x 2160 px
  • AC indgangsspænding: 100-240 V


for 10 måneder siden

Ports are numerous but the lack of a way to charge a laptop directly through the dock is a game breaker.



for et år siden

I bought this 3 years ago and it is a champ I've taken it to many university housing situations and used it with multiple laptops, monitors and a tv screen on one occasion. I constantly have 3, 720p monitors hooked up to it and it runs like butter. I keep my mouse, keyboard, optical drive and aux speakers hooked up to it and the run smoothly at all times I have never had any problems with it. I hooked it up to my 4k tv once and my video feed was a little slower than usual but I'm pretty sure that was because my old laptop didn't have the processing power for 4k. This is one of the best products I have ever owned as a engineering university student. This product doesn't stand out in any way and that's what is great about it. hook anything up to it and it just work as if it was plugged right into your computer.



for et år siden

I work from home and also in the office...but I don't have a laptop. My work is mostly document-based, with spreadsheets and cloud-based things. The only video I do is an occasional YouTube clip here and there. I have a small form-factor desktop PC with an Intel i3 series CPU. On this hardware (running Windows 10) this thing works brilliantly. It allows me to move easily between office and home office. When I want to switch locations, I just un-do one AC power connection and one USB cable and I'm out the door. Connecting at the other location is just as simple - in two minutes I'm back online and working. If your intent is to use one of these docking stations with a system that is NOT a laptop, there are a couple things to watch out for: 1) Many PCs will not boot if there is no keyboard connected when you switch them on. I had to make one change to my PC BIOS to get around this issue. After that one little change, everything worked perfectly for me. 2) It is VERY important to install the DisplayLink drivers BEFORE connecting this unit for the first time. I did this, connected my three monitors and all other peripherals through the StarTech docking station and then disconnected the monitor from the PC. Then I re-arranged my monitor settings in the Windows 10 control panel and all was well. I haven't had to connect a monitor to my PC directly since then. Video performance is perfectly adequate for general purpose computing, but is NOT fast and I noticed a small performance hit overall in my system running this unit. Neither of these things are deal-breakers for me. I expected some performance penalty once I connected this device, but it isn't a real hindrance to me at all. I might wait one second longer for applications to load - not a huge deal. Many PC docking stations will do dual monitors but I haven't found any others that will do three. That is what makes this product so essential to me. You're not going to game on this device - don't have unreasonable expectations and I think you'll really appreciate it. I can't speak to Mac compatibility, but (again) I'd suggest not having unreasonable expectations.



for et år siden

It was easy to install on my Windows 10 HP Pavillon Laptop



for et år siden

I bought this product months ago but then updated my OS and the monitors stopped working. Contacted the Techsupport team and immediately someone was on the line to help with my issues. Want to say thank you to Daniel for taking his time and helping me through the new set ups. Now everything is in order :)