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BlackPods Earpods

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BlackPods Earpods

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BlackPods Earpods
BlackPods Earpods
BlackPods Earpods
BlackPods Earpods
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Overvåg prisen på produktet

Black Pods! They are finally here. Best alternative to genuine airpods according to many.

See review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFIHrBQyOlE

Auto Pairing

Remove both headphones from the charging box, they will now automatically be connected! You can easily search for Black Pods in your Bluetooth settings, fast and stable. If you have an IOS device then there is the option for Popup where you can see the battery life of your headphones and charging box.


When pairing with your IOS device there is the possibility to connect them directly via the home screen or via the bluetooth menu.


Equipped with a large battery, the charger is fully charged within 3 hours.

Excellent sound quality

This Bluetooth headset uses a powerful Bluetrum 5.0 bluetooth chip. The stereo sound quality lets you listen to clear and beautiful music in a noisy environment and the conversations are very clear.

Exclusive and compact design, with elegant box that can be recharged. You charge the headphones directly into the box, which makes them very suitable for long-term use.

These Bluetooth headphones are ergonomically designed and perfectly adapted to most ears. You can use them for music / news, talk / work and feel comfortable all day.

Having problems with Black Pods 2?

First, see if you see the name "TWS" in the Bluetooth settings on your device, when you have removed both handsets from the charging box and placed them next to the device you want to pair them with.

Can't find the kids? Then test the steps below:

1. Start by charging your Black Pods by inserting both handsets into their case. Then plug in the USB charger and leave for at least 2 hours.

2. After charging, please remove both handsets and hold the sensor buttons on both handsets for 12 seconds. Then put them back in their case.

3. Close the black charging box, and open it again after 5 seconds. Remove the handsets without pressing the sensor buttons. Then double-click only the right handset and it should pair with the desired device.


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