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Foot Massager TrendFeet

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Foot Massager TrendFeet
Foot Massager TrendFeet
Foot Massager TrendFeet
Foot Massager TrendFeet
Foot Massager TrendFeet
Foot Massager TrendFeet
Foot Massager TrendFeet
Foot Massager TrendFeet
Foot Massager TrendFeet
995 kr.
Vejledende pris: 1767 kr.
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    Forventet leveringstid Expressleverance
    3-5 Arbejdsdage
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Overvåg prisen på produktet

  • Zone Therapy
  • Infrared heat
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Classical massaging and air pressure

Are you longing for a really good foot massage that can do wonders for your entire body? Then our foot massager, TrendFeet, could be just right for you!

With TrendFeet you can now sit back on your sofa and receive a wonderful foot massage every night. The product works at a deep level with infrared heat, zone therapy, classic massaging and air pressure to stimulate reflex points and get your blood circulation moving.

Zone therapy or reflexology is an age-old treatment that’s said to cure the entire body by activating the body’s self-healing systems. It works with pressure by stimulating different reflex points on the feet that correspond to different organs and can alleviate stomach problems, back pain and headaches. Zone therapy can also help your body balance blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as removing waste products and strengthening the immune system. So if you have any points in your feet that are in pain, it means that there’s an imbalance in your body that TrendFeet can help you to correct.

The infrared heat warms your joints and muscles during the massage for maximum effect. The effect is that blood flow increases and your blood circulation starts working at a deep level – and as the flow of new oxygen-rich blood increases, the result is that your feet will feel less sore and tense. It’s worth mentioning that increased blood circulation is good for your entire body and your general health. This wonderful massage will also relax you and make you feel good, which in turn helps to stimulate production of the healing feel-good hormone, oxytocin. Oxytocin is a miracle substance that reduces stress as well as, among other things. feelings of anxiety, depression and pain.

So, in addition to helping your feet, this foot massager can promote better health and general well-being. There’s no time to lose. Buy our TrendFeet today and let it work wonders for you and your whole body!


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