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Top Disney

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Top Disney

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Christopher Lucas

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  • Christopher Lucas
Long before David Letterman made it a nightly ritual, groupings of ten seemed to be the mostcommon form of list making (commandments, amendments, FBI most wanted, etc.) Top 10lists abound for everything today, from movies and music to sports and politics. There is so much Disney history to cover, however, that it can't be contained in one simple list,thus "The Top 100 Top Ten of Disney." There is not a person on Earth who hasn't come into contact with Disney in some way. Whetherseeing a Disney film, hearing a Disney song, recognizing a Disney character or visiting a Disneypark, the company's reach is global. The Top 100 Top Ten of Disney will collect the best of the best of Disney in a book of lists.From Walt himself and the beginning of his company, to his successors who have broadenedthe reach of the Disney brand well beyond where even Walt could have imagined it, this bookwill cover every aspect of the 93 years of history that Disney has to offer. In it you will findinformation on everything from Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Queen Elsa, to the billion dollaracquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm. Written for casual and die-hard fans alike, The Top 100 Top Ten of Disney will revisit somefamiliar characters, films, songs, rides, and personalities associated with Disney but will alsouncover some forgotten, obscure and overlooked parts of the company as well, such as the unlikely Disney films Victory Through Air Power (1943) and The Story of Menstruation (1946).The book will be laid out in easy to read "bite size" pieces. It will be one of those books that thewhole family can enjoy and can be picked up and referred to again and again.Author Bio: Christopher Lucas is a lifelong fan of all things Disney. His admiration for Walt, and thecompany he built, led Chris to create a one person show called "Of Mouse and Man" which hasbeen performed in several colleges, theaters and civic centers. He is also the co-author of Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story, the critically acclaimed book released by Simon & Schuster and Derek Jeter Publishing in April 2015. Christopher lives in suburban New Jersey with his two young sons. His goal someday is to take a vacation somewhere that doesn't involve a visit to a Disney theme park.
Film & Fotografi
Geografi & Rejser
Kultur øvrigt
The Lyons Press
Christopher Lucas


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