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  • LEICKE Bluetooth Smart Krop Anal...

    • ☀ Stylish easy-to-use bathroom scale with Bluetooth connectivity | Generous display and the large digits you can clearly read the information on the display while you are standing upright
    • ☀ Measurement of weight, body fat, percentage of muscle, bone mass and water as well as BMI (Body Mass Index) data | Graphical representation of weight changes | Saves a personal account and recognizes up to 8 different users
    • ☀ Connect to any smart device via Bluetooth (Pairing: Scale shows as "Smart Weight Scale 15020" in list of Bluetooth devices) | Bluetooth data transmission to SwissMed App for iOS (7.0+) and Android (from 4.3) | All data is always available via the app and the browser of your computer.
    • ☀ For wireless communication, this product uses the battery-friendly Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard. As long as BLE is activated, your location can theoretically be determined by other Bluetooth devices in the environment. Te app for the scale will therefore ask for the rights to determine the location so that BLE can be used. These rights are only necessary to establish the connection between app and product. Your location is NOT recorded by the app.
    • ☀ Try more products of the Sharon Smart Life Series: Activity Tracker (WD67204), Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (LH67402), Music Beanie with Bluetooth Headset (WD67221 & WD67223)
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