Concise Companion to Feminist Theory, A


Concise Companion to Feminist Theory, A (Pocket)
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A Concise Companion to Feminist Theory introduces readers to the broad scope of feminist theory over the past 35 years. Comprising twelve original chapters, written by authors with extensive experience of both the theory and practice of feminism, it treats feminism as both a political project and an intellectual discourse. The Companion represents an exceptionally broad range of disciplines, discourses and feminist positions, particularly showcasing those on the cutting edge of feminist scholarship. It provides not only a concise survey of the relevant fields and their histories, but also an insight into the unresolved issues that form feminism's future. The material is organised around topics, rather than schools of feminism, encouraging readers to synthesise different approaches. A select bibliography acts as an initial introduction to the field, while longer bibliographies relating to each chapter provide guidance for further study.
Forlag: Wiley  Kategori: Samfundsvidenskab 
Forventet leveringstid: Bestillingsvare, 5-15 arbetsdagar  Indbindingstype: Pocket 
ISBN: 9780631224037  Antal sider: 288 
Sprog: Engelsk     
Titel: Concise Companion to Feminist Theory, A  Forfatter: Mary Eagleton  
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Oversætter:   Releasedato: 2003-06-09 
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